British MPs have voted to stop a no-deal Bre…

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For the UK to remain, what must physically happen? I understand that the EU would accept a reversal of Artical 50 ‘invoke’ BUT how would the UK gov send that request in the face of a ‘leave’ referendum that was passed by the people?

Edward HarrisonJan 9

What would happen is that the British government would tell the EU that the UK was not prepared to leave the EU because they could not get a deal through Parliament and Parliament had already voted to prevent the UK from leaving without a deal. The government would say that the UK would eventually leave but needed more time. And then there would be two alternatives, delay or Article 50 revocation. At this point, these look like the most likely outcomes. And note that neither of those outcomes is an explicit rejection of the referendum. They are a reluctant acceptance of the political realities and the hash that Theresa May's government have made out of negotiations.