Credit Writedowns is ending paid subscriptions for now

For nearly four years now, Credit Writedowns has been run using a freemium model, with most of the content behind a firewall. But over the past two years, the amount of time I have been able to devote to the blog and newsletter has steadily declined. This week, I have been unable to write an in-depth note on the economy and markets. And for some time now, I have not been able to keep up a regular schedule of posts. As a result, I have decided to end all paid subscriptions and make the Credit Writedowns Pro newsletter free.

Going forward, I am going to continue my posting schedule on Credit Writedowns Pro and drip feed more content on to the blog site when I have time to update it. This content will still be behind a ‘paywall’. But since the pro site is now also free, please do sign up for the Pro Newsletter in the sidebar at because that will add you to that subscription list straight away. I will see if admin can transfer over the blog letter subscriptions to the Pro site. But if not, you should be able to sign up for that site without a fee.

My hope is that by making it free, I will also be free to write more content – quick short posts as events occur. Let’s see what happens. But for now, I am just going to cancel all paid subscriptions. Thank you for your past readership and support. I look forward to your continued readership.


Edward Harrison is the founder of Credit Writedowns and a former career diplomat, investment banker and technology executive with over twenty years of business experience. He is also a regular economic and financial commentator on BBC World News, CNBC Television, Business News Network, CBC, Fox Television and RT Television. He speaks six languages and reads another five, skills he uses to provide a more global perspective. Edward holds an MBA in Finance from Columbia University and a BA in Economics from Dartmouth College. Edward also writes a premium financial newsletter. Sign up here for a free trial.