One week into my switch to a Mac from a PC and I’m happy

I told you a week ago why I was switching from a PC to a Mac. So I have made the switch and I am one week into my return to the Mac. So far, I’m pretty happy. No Blue screens of death anymore!

To be honest with you, the first few days were kind of frustrating because of the small differences between the two platforms. For instance, I used the F2 key a lot to rename files and I used the F5 key a lot to reload web pages. But when I reflexively do that now on my MacBook Pro something else happens. There are a lot of other little shortcuts like that that I have gotten used to on a PC that don’t work on a Mac. Over time, this problem will go away. It’s already starting to.

But beyond the minor nuisances, the transition has gone well. The only piece of software I have bought is VMWare’s Fusion which is a virtual machine that I can use to run Windows on my Mac without having to reboot. I am also writing this piece on Mars Edit 3, a new software program for offline blogging that I intend to buy when my 30-day free trial is up. But so far the costs have been minimal (the VMWare and three connector pieces for my external devices – hard drives, monitor and scanner).

So, one week in, I would say I could recommend making the switch. The Mac seems more stable so far. The keyboard is bak lit, which I love. The unit is ultra quiet compared to my HP laptop. And almost all the software you use on a PC can work on a Mac and some of the licenses for paid software even cover both platforms. When I need to use a PC, I can run WMWare Fusion and it feels almost like I am on a PC.

Overall assessment: Thumbs up.


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