What does Jim Rogers think about the silver crash?

"I hope that silver goes down for a while because it was turning into a parabolic move, every parabolic move ends badly, I hope that silver and all commodities continue to go up with normal corrections along the way and in 5 or 10 years, they’re going to be unbelievably high prices and then I hope I’m smart enough to sell if the bull market is coming to an end."

-Jim Rogers, on CNBC this morning before the rout

Rogers is bearish on silver over the short-term because it rose too far too fast, but he sticking to his guns on oil because of peak oil. That puts Rogers in the same camp with Jeremy Grantham. For a more bearish take on peak resources, read Niels Jensen’s thoughtful piece, "The Case for Human Ingenuity".

Videos of Rogers below on silver, oil, the euro and much more. Rogers has a great line just prior to the 5 minute mark of the second video when he says, "with all due respect I don’t get my advice from the American government."

Good stuff.



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