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Just a reminder, I will be on BBC Radio Five Live sometime around noonish tomorrow ET. I will post the links to my BNN piece from last week later today.

The topic of today is jobs. There were a number of posts in which economists and media outlets mentioned jobs.  The two that I found most interesting (but also somewhat discouraging) were the ones on zero marginal product and job training. You’ll see them in the topic of the day list below.

My overall take from them is the same one I had regarding eastern Germany. Stimulus is no panacea in a situation where the economy is ‘recalculating.’ Time seems to be a critical factor in redeploying resources that allow people to find jobs. meanwhile people suffer. is there anything government can do about that?  These two articles suggest not as much as we would like

Topic of the day: Jobs


The Usual Fare

  • Energy Training Resources | Shared Write-ups on BP’s Macondo Deepwater Horizon Well
  • Spain’s cajas face no stress test shocks: association | Reuters
  • RECULADE : L’ex-otage Ingrid Betancourt refuse une offre d’indemnisation de la France, actualité Société : Le Point
  • Sea Level Rise Swamps Islands: Scientific American Podcast
  • Econbrowser: Fighting deflation
  • Day 1: America’s prison for terrorists often held the wrong men | McClatchy
  • Google to Discontinue Nexus One – Read Write Web
  • BlackBerry maker angry at Apple claims over signal reception | Technology |
  • Paul Krugman – The Pundit Delusion –
  • Ross Douthat – The Roots Of White Anxiety –
  • Bundesbank Says Deficit Countries Are Source of Danger for Monetary Union – Bloomberg
  • La morosidad de los créditos alcanza la cota más alta desde 1995 –
  • Engineers detect seepage near BP oil well – National Post
  • India: hot economy brings private equity to the boil | beyondbrics |
  • Hungary Resists New Budget Cuts Despite Pressure –
  • Foursquare ‘in talks with Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!’ about search partnerships – Telegraph
  • Morning Market Preview: Irish Bonds Cut By Moody’s, Problems in Hungary | Credit Writedowns
  • Watching a gene at work: Scientific American
  • Android Poised For Dominance In China, With Global Implications – Tech Crunch
  • Roger Lowenstein – Paralyzed by Debt –
  • John Paulson’s reversal of fortune – CNN Money
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