Links: 2010-05-04 Manufacturing in China slows but US and UK accelerate

  • U.S. Car Sales Climbed 20% in April –
  • UK manufacturing grows at fastest pace in 15 years – Telegraph
  • Chinese Manufacturing Growth Slows, Survey Shows –
  • Top 50 Business Books, ‘Animal Spirits’ to ‘What the Dog Saw’ –
  • Conservative Latinos Rethink Party Ties –
  • Mortgage lending dives, fears grow for housing recovery – Telegraph
  • – Apple faces US antitrust scrutiny
  • – BP under pressure over oil spill costs
  • Obama Likely To Pick a Woman For Supreme Court –
  • The Center of the Universe – Ed Harrison’s post
  • Schwarzenegger withdraws support for offshore drilling
  • Bankers’ bonuses: Claw-back clauses are critical | vox
  • The “real” causes of China’s trade surplus | vox
  • Auerback/Mosler: Greece CAN Go it Alone « naked capitalism
  • And now? A dark scenario | vox
  • Rahm Working With Fed To Beat Back Audit
  • Greenspan Wanted Housing-Bubble Dissent Kept Secret – Huffington Post
  • La factura griega cuesta en España 586 euros por hogar – Expansió
  • Golf von Mexiko: Kein Ende der Ölpest in Sicht –
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