Links: 2010-04-13 Greek Bailout, Lehman Deceit and Peak Oil

  • Are ‘Austrians’ Self-Hating Keynesian Economists? – Coordination Problem
  • Greek Bailout, Lehman Deceit, And Tim Geithner – The Baseline Scenario
  • Lehman Used ‘Alter Ego’ to Transfer Risks –
  • World oil demand to hit record high this year: IEA | Reuters
  • Peak Oil is Soooo …. May of 2008 – Paul Kedrosky
  • Tim Duy’s Fed Watch: What Could Derail the Recovery?
  • Real Test for Greece Yet to Come – MarketBeat – WSJ
  • Pimco Says There’s a ‘Risk of Flipping to Deflation’ –
  • The Cover-Up – The Baseline Scenario
  • Double-Dip Doesn’t Figure With Inventory Rebuilding –
  • State Farm asks Toyota to repay acceleration claims –
  • Amerikas neuer Protektionismus – NZZ Online
  • Artificial light at night disrupts cell division – Science Daily
  • Pimco shuns Greek debt despite rescue package | Reuters
  • Marginal Revolution: Does incarceration make people black?
  • – Transcript: José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero
  • Zapatero dice que España bajará el déficit cueste lo que cueste –
  • Obama Weekly Approval at 47%, Lowest Yet by One Point
  • Some Comments on Recalculation, Arnold Kling | EconLog
  • Business cycles: "It is obvious the recession is over" | The Economist
  • Hussman Funds – Weekly Market Comment: Extend and Pretend – April 12, 2010
  • Sinopec makes China’s biggest Canada oil sands deal | Reuters
  • Economic recovery and the Democrats in November : The New Yorker
  • FDIC’s Bair says banker pay can pose systemic risk | Reuters
  • Iceland probe accuses former PM and ex-central bank head | Reuters
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