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  1. database
    25 September 2008

    You could add that at step 1 everyone desperately wanted to rescue the money left after the year 2001 bubble and seeked for real value, believing that real estate equals real value.

  2. Stevie b.
    25 September 2008

    Edward – thanks for this – I’m forwarding it to friends/my kids who want to know what’s going on but don’t know where to start.

  3. Anonymous
    26 September 2008

    I spoke to 40 people today in a department store… most of them were brainwashed however this one is the easiest one to overcome. Do you have debt? Wouldn’t you like to be bailed out too?

    Everyone but one told me hell yes I had a point. One was still so afraid she wouldn’t have a job that she was supporting the plan to give the bankers 700 billion of our money.

    We must overcome the main stream media. This would never even be considered if the alternative media was strong. We are planning a “Free The Press” bomb. We have a plan to take down the main stream media but we will need your support.


  4. Jon
    5 May 2010

    I certainly hope you intended this post for economists. If you think you can reach the public with this jargon-laden language, you are severely mistaken.

    • Edward Harrison
      5 May 2010

      Jon, don’t underestimate the intelligence of the average citizen. I think they see what’s going on. And this is as jargon-free a post as you’ll see on finance blogs.

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