News Round-Up: 02 June 2008

Has Oil Production Reached a ‘De Facto’ Peak?

Read It Here First: States’ Impact on Economy

States and Cities Impact On GDP

Taleb’s Harsh Assessment of Bankers, Economists, and the Fed

Housing Woes Hit Affluent Middle-Class Homeowners

UBS CDS Lawsuit: Harbinger of Things to Come?

The Opinionator: Enraged and ‘Confused’

Alt-A Borrowers Looking More Like Subprime Than Prime

S&P slashes ratings on brokers, banks on loan loss worries

Monster: Worrisome Falloff in May Job Listings

The Rising Risk of Emerging Markets

Why Won’t the U.K. Join the Euro?

The Fed, Credit Crisis & Inflation

Lawrence Lindsey on Housing: It’s Only Going to Get Worse

S&P: More Write Downs Coming for Morgan Stanley, Merrill and Lehman

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