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Corporatism: A Bi-Partisan Problem in the United States

Corporatism: A Bi-Partisan Problem in the United States

One suspects the reason for the sensitivity within the ranks of the Democratic party water-carriers to the “corporatist” label is that Obamacare is a textbook case. Democrats try to undermine this charge by serving up an example of histrionic right-wing messaging: depicting the contraception requirement (PR-wise, the Republican have been big on throwing identity politics into the ACA mix, but they are hardly alone).

Gallup: Obama’s approval at new low because of 12% Republican approval

Gallup: Obama’s approval at new low because of 12% Republican approval

Gallup shows President Obama’s approval rating tied for a low of 48% in the most recent polling. But if you look at the data split by party, it’s like we’re living in three separate worlds. Obama’s personal numbers have fallen mostly amongst Republicans – directly contradicting some of the recent evidence we saw last week on economic satisfaction. But, leaving […]

President Obama, are you listening?

Earlier in the week, I wrote a post-mortem on the Massachusetts Senate race won by Scott Brown. I saw the results as a signal that Americans are worn out by fraud and corruption. I found one comment from a registered Democrat particularly instructive regarding the mood of the electorate and am publishing the heart of it here. Thank you for […]

The Democratic Party meltdown of 2010

The Democratic Party meltdown of 2010

I want to talk about the drubbing the Democrats are going to take in this year’s elections and what it means, if anything.  As a sort of pre-amble, I will lead into this with some thoughts on tax cut propaganda and today’s piece by the conservative Reuters columnist James Pethoukoukis called The campaign against Larry Summers. The socialism propaganda Jimmy […]

Delivering a brilliant healthcare speech

Tonight we saw a brilliant performance from Barack Obama. It was Obama at his best, using his command of the English language to inspire and connect on a grand stage as only few politicians can. For sceptics like myself, he surprised. For his base, he reaffirmed. For his adversaries he reached out with an open hand but with the credible […]

2010 elections: “Completely out of control” for Democrats

The bailouts, deficit spending, and debate over health care are having a very nasty negative effect on the electoral fortunes of the Democratic party. Charlie Cook, a well-known and respected election pundit, writes (emphasis added): …President Obama’s job approval rating in both their August 16-18 and August 17-19 averages was just 51 percent, the lowest level of his presidency. The […]

Arlen Specter to switch parties

This is a bombshell from the political world. I believe that means Al Franken will make Obama filibuster-proof. Obviously, this is very bad news for Republicans. I suspect that the deal is that Rendell and Casey will pull out ALL the stops to get Specter re-elected too. Confirmed that Sen Specter will become a Democrat (but he is still against […]

Paulson abandons TARP asset purchase and risky assets plummets

If you are wondering why the stock market has been declining, you only need to flip your TV to C-SPAN and see Hank Paulson explaining why he has abandoned his original plan to save America from depression. Basically, Paulson has done a complete 180 and now refuses to invest a dime of the TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) in buying the troubled assets for which the program was named. The result: those assets hav cratered, pulling down many shares with them.

Should foreign companies get TARP funds?

Why not? Everyone else is getting something. Aegon, a Dutch company, is trying the same maneuver that Genworth Financial and Hartford, two American companies, are trying — it’s buying a small depositary institution. This will give it access to the U.S. Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). Forget about foreclosures, the TARP is now about recapitalizing financial institutions. But, does that […]

Barney Frank rips Hank Paulson’s bait and switch

I am listening to the Congressional hearings with Sheila Bair, Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke recounting what they have done to restore the economy with the $700 billion that Congress gave the Bush Administration. The hearing is pretty interesting because Chairman Barney Frank is absolutely hammering Paulson for sidestepping the specific language in the TARP inserted indicating that the TARP must be used to aid in reducing foreclosures.

How the Bailout deal unraveled yesterday

The NY Times has a story on how yesterday’s bailout deal failed. This is an insider’s tale with blow by blow detail. It is a fascinating view into how the U.S. conducts government policy. Below is a snippet from the post and a link to the full story. One interesting facet in the matter was the contention by Democrats that […]