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Grillo: French Revolution without the Guillotine

Handelsblatt’s Italian correspondent Katharina Kort had an exclusive interview with Italian politician Beppe Grillo about his ideas for change in Italian politics. The article is in German. However, I have read it and wanted to present a few salient points for discussion.

The outline goes like this:

  1. Headline:  French revolution without the guillotine – The Italian election winner Beppe Grillo calls for radical change in Europe.
  2. Purpose: Not to be Prime Minister but to bring about a “radical rethinking” about the economy in Italy and Europe.
  3. Need: Greater transparency and democracy within Europe.
  4. Actions: Online referendum for Euro. Votes on EU treaties and directives and a lot more
  5. Question: Why has only Germany prospered under the euro
  6. Prediction: The northern Europeans will only support Italy as long as their banks have Italian sovereign exposure.

Again, as our Italian reader summarized for us after the election, the vote for Grillo is more about eradicationg corporatism, corruption and the lack of transparency and democracy in Italy and Europe than about anything else.

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Source: Handelsblatt


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