Chart of the day: China’s U.S. Debt Holdings

By Global Macro Monitor

According to China Daily, China owns $1.13 trillion of US debt. China has $3.20 trillion in foreign exchange reserves.


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  1. John says:

    If China has 3.2 trillion in reserves and only 1.137 trillion in US Dollars, what is the composition of the rest? Euros and Yen?

    • anoannon says:

      Re: John

      First, the chart reads “US Debt” – Treasury Bonds. Please note this is the Chinese figure, which may be understated (China does not have to buy directly from the Treasury under its own name, so to speak).

      Second, there are dollar-denominated assets in which to store reserves (e.g. Fannie/Freddie equity would be in dollars).

      Third, China for years now has reported something around 50-60% USD composition in its total holdings.