Bill Black: To rob a country, own a bank

Update 2010-03-31. Note: I discovered the first video at the UMKC blog, where Black posts. Subsequently, I saw all the videos on YouTube where you can rate them and add to the buzz.


  1. Theres a president, dont know which one it was, who said something great about banking ruining this country

  2. Banks are the new nuclear weapon. If they explosed they create more damages over the world than any bomb.
    problem is that they know it and they use it as a dissuasive threat to force gvt decisions.
    All the bank must be fully control by GVT as they are creating money. Leaving them this right is like to give the house key to the robber.
    as the only important economic factor are productions cie for the wealth of peoples banks must be there only for the fluidity fo capital and not creating any money.
    But they are too strong having poins in the system to just suck the entire world.
    Even in my country, many activity shops closed down and replace by banking agency. They’re like an economic cancer, spreading their parasite metabolism and suck the entire system.
    We don’t need them this way.
    They must be all public. Simple.